Quiz: Should you buy or lease your equipment?

Answer this short quiz to help you decide whether to buy or lease new equipment or a vehicle?

7 tips to manage cash flow

According to the the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO), a lack of cash flow is the #1 leading cause of small business insolvency, and personal stress for the business owner.

So how can businesses better plan for those likely cash flow challenges?

Plan for the worst case scenario
In any business, it’s a […]

Understanding the different types of Asset Finance

Asset finance allows businesses to obtain equipment or asset without having first accrued the capital they need. There are many different types of asset finance to choose from. Here is a quick overview to help understand the different types of asset finance.

Finance Lease
With a Finance Lease, the lender owns the asset, however you are […]

Top 10 questions to ask when considering asset finance

So, you need capital to refresh or acquire new equipment, technology or fit outs? You don’t want to impact your cash flow with a major capital purchase, and you are considering asset finance.

Knowing what questions to ask when selecting the right commercial asset finance solution can save you time and ultimately money. Here are […]


Top 3 differences between asset finance and commercial bank loans
Most small business go to their banks when they need capital to new equipment or technology (the asset). However, there are other options to finance an asset. Here are the top 3 differences between using asset finance vs commercial bank loans to finance equipment.

Asset finance […]