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Need capital to finance equipment?

Businesses often need quick access to capital to finance their projects. Leasing equipment can be an ideal option to quickly obtain an equipment or vehicle, without impacting cash flow, and also provide tax benefits(*).

We offer a variety of services and products:

  • Commercial asset finance

    We service most industries, and asset types. We offer different asset finance product: Finance Lease, Operating Lease Rental, Commercial Hire Purchase and Chattel Mortgages.  Learn more about the difference between asset finance types.

  • Car Buying Services

    Contact us for more information on this product.

  • Commercial Insurance

    Contact us for more information on this product.

  • Vendor Finance

    Our vendor program helps equipment suppliers offer leasing options for their products. Learn more about this program.

3 step

Three step process to access your equipment finance.

The 3-step process

We understand every business is different. After an initial discussion, we provide you with a set of options to match your requirements.


We get your application approved by the lender.


Your supplier provides us with a tax invoice.  We pay for your equipment. You receive your goods.

Let’s get started

(*) We advise you seek advice from your accountant or tax expert on all matters of tax benefits.