Our Products & Services

We provide different products and services across a variety of industries including:

  • Commercial asset finance – Finance Lease, Operating Lease Rental, Commercial Hire Purchase and Chattel Mortgages.
  • Car Buying Services. Contact us for more information on this product.
  • Commercial Insurance. Contact us for more information on this product.

The finance process

Below are the major steps in getting your finance approved. We understand every business has different requirements. Upon our initial discussion we will provide you with the finance options available to match your business requirements.


Contact us about your business scenarios. We discuss your finance requirement.


You complete and sign the application & privacy form. We process the application with the lender. Your application is approved


Your supplier provides us with a tax invoice. You sign a finance contract. We pay for your equipment, you receive your goods.

Asset Finances versus Commercial Banking

Top 3 differences between Asset finance vs. most commercial Banking products.


Assets finance requires some form of security over the equipment that is being acquired. When you purchase a vehicle or piece of equipment under finance, it’s generally fair to assume that the vehicle or equipment is the only physical security for the loan. This is quite different for most forms of commercial banking products, which may be secured over property, term deposits or by way of a floating charge over your entire business. A specific asset finance facility therefore can be a lot less restrictive on your personal and business assets.


Asset finance facilities are normally structured over terms from 2 to 5-years, and in some special cases up to 7 years. This means that the loan generally has a set period unlike various commercial banking facilities, such as line of credit. Generally by having a set repayment period, it will assist in containing the overall interest cost for the life of the loan. This can differ for the likes of a Rental product where the term is defined by the period of the equipment’s use.


 In some cases the repayment structure of an asset finance facility may be setup to reflect your typical annual cash flow cycle i.e. high and low income times during the year. However in most cases the facilities are set with equal payments and possibly an end residual or final “balloon” payment which has the effect of lowering the monthly payments.
Compare Finance Options  (link to PDF)