Why join our Programme?

Top 5 Benefits:

For the Vendor

  • Breaks the cost of your equipment down to a daily or monthly rate.
  • Can transform the ‘Capital Cost’ of your equipment into an ‘Operating Cost’.
  • Speeds up the sales cycle by solving the client’s problem of trying to pay for the equipment upfront.
  • Allows for support and maintenance to be added to the agreement.
  • Improves the overall Profit Margin on your sales
For the Client

  • Allows to clearly see the cost and benefit of the equipment per day, and to obtain equipment when needed
  • Can reduce the need for Capital Expenditure, and preserve cash flow for other uses for their Working Capital
  • May provide significant Tax Benefits(*) Protects current banking lines
  • Payments can be structured to meet cash flow requirements

How does it work?

(*) we advise you seek professional advice from your accountant or tax expert on all matters of tax deductability