6 reasons why equipment vendors should offer Asset Finance

Most businesses are looking for ways to fast-track their sales process. Here are 6 reasons why equipment vendors should consider asset finance as part of their sales process.

6 reasons why business should offer asset finance

Get paid faster

Don’t wait 30 to 90 days for your clients to gather finance through their banks. Include asset finance as an alternative method of sale, and get paid for your goods within a week of starting the sales process.

Know your clients

Extending Asset Finance as part of your sales process can identify your best customers. During the finance application process, your finance broker reviews your client’s financials. Whilst brokers can’t disclose a business’ financial information, they can quickly flag whether the applicant can repay the goods.

Protect your margins

When you refer your client to a finance broker, the focus of the sales conversation shifts to rates and terms of contract, rather than on the cost of your equipment. It limits the needs for discount and protects the margins of your goods.

Repeat business

Using a finance broker gives you an opportunity to re-engage your clients to upgrade their equipment during the life of their finance contract. It is a simple process to refinance an asset as part of a refresh or equipment upgrade. This is particularly useful in industries where technology changes rapidly.

Secure future sales

When a finance broker processes your client’s application, they gather additional information about your client’s growth plans in the year ahead. It can identify plans to acquire more equipment, unknown to the equipment provider. As part of the application process, we can pre-approve your clients for future equipment purchase, helping you build a healthy pipeline of future sales.

Maintenance add-on

It is possible to include the cost of maintenance to the finance application. This creates more cross-sell opportunities for your business.

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