Vendor Finance Solutions

Our Vendor Program

As an equipment providers, you can leverage our vendor program to provide your clients with additional payment options to acquire your equipment. This can help your sales conversions by removing any budget constraints.

The vendor program benefits both you and your customers.

How does it work?

For you
  • It works like a cash sale. Once finance is approved and documents are signed by the client, you receive full-payment for the supply of your products.
  • We can either act as your outsourced finance department and liaise with your client to manage finance process.
  • Or we provide you a set of finance tools and training, and you manage the process with your clients directly.
For your client
  • Simple application process: 3 steps. Learn more
  • We keep them informed on the progress of your application
  • Keeps their cash flow under control

Why join our program?

Top benefits for you
  • Breaks the cost of your equipment down to a daily or monthly rate
  • Can transform the ‘Capital Cost’ of your equipment into an ‘Operating Cost’
  • Allows for support and maintenance to be added to the agreement
  • Improves the overall Profit Margin on your sales
  • Remove any potential budget constraints
Top benefits for your clients
  • Allows to clearly see the cost and benefit of the equipment per day, and to acquire the equipment quickly
  • Can reduce the need for Capital Expenditure, and preserve cash flow for other uses
  • May provide significant tax benefits(*). Protects current banking lines
  • Payments can be structured to meet cash flow requirements

(*) We advise you seek professional advice from your accountant or tax expert on all matters of tax deductability.

To learn more about the vendor program, call us on 0404811343 or complete the enquiry form.