Top 10 questions to ask when considering asset finance

So, you need capital to refresh or acquire new equipment, technology or fit outs? You don’t want to impact your cash flow with a major capital purchase, and you are considering asset finance.

Knowing what questions to ask when selecting the right commercial asset finance solution can save you time and ultimately money. Here are the top 10 questions you should ask before selecting an asset finance solution.

Top 10 questions to ask when considering asset finance.
  1. How much are you willing to spend every month?
  2. How much flexibility do you need with repayment? Eg – do you need to match the seasonality of your business.
  3. How soon do you need your equipment?
  4. What is the life span of the equipment you need to acquire?
  5. Do you want the option to refresh it at the end of your contract?
  6. Do you want to include maintenance of the equipment in your contract?
  7. Is your technology rapidly changing in your industry?
  8. Do you want to own this equipment at the end of the contract or not? Or do you want to return it?
  9. What happens at the end of the contract? Do you want a lump sum payment or not?
  10. What securities will you need?

Agile Capital finance all kinds of equipment – from commercial kitchens, to office fit-outs, buses, forklift, vehicles for commercial needs, printer, medical, solar and gym equipment, as well as software, telephone, laptops, and more.

To ensure you are choosing the right solution for your business need, and understand the tax benefits of asset finance, we advise you to talk to your accountant about the tax implications.